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Ska Ska Revolution

Connecticut Ska

Ska Robot Army__Ct Section
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Ska Robot Army
connecticut sector

a community created for all the CT ska kids, becuase i noticed that there was no Ct community....post about big bands,locasl bands, cd reviews, concerts or well pretty much anything related to the great music..

and promote!!! get more Ct kids on the force.


use these to recruite people to the community.

1) if your gonna promote..is has to be a ska community/site..and the banner MUST be under a cut.
2) if your gonna post LONG entrys (like more then 6 show dates n such) or more then 1 picture... please put it under a cut
3) promote promote promote..please haha
4) be nice to everyone..make love not war
5) if your new, it would be nice to introduce urself..but its not required.

thats it..pretty simple!