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ok ct ska kids
if you see an asian with a bright orange i love carbs shirt on at the mustard plug and pietasters shirt on, say hello cause i like to meet new people

peace out, i hope they'll let me take pictures...^_____^
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oh man. I saw youuuuu. and talked to you. I'm the crazy chick, I was wearing a BIG D shirt and have spikey hair. Im the one who knows justin porter. woott.
sweet. i'll tell justin lauren said hi, whenever i see him or talk to him.
Hey, you know me, I was the guy in the black fedora that you skanked with. Yeah, that was me. I gave you a pin damn it! A PIN!
haha sweet. whats your name again? i have bad memory. all i know is that your friends with chedd
thats scott
oh man i saw you !
did you stay for pietasters?
no :(

my daddy was being mean and made us leave after mustard plug. we got to see the beginning of pietasters.

but i've seeen them before. they're good
aw that sucks. i didn't get to stay and see them either. ive never seen them before though :(
bummer, don't worry, they'll come to ct again...and if they don't, well...we go on a road trip and see them wherever they go!