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singers out there?

hey guys, here's there thing: duanster, hug_your_cat, and myself, have been playing instruments for about a year, and we've been trying to get a band-thing going. the catch? no lead singer. we've posted on the webster message board, and the replies we got just didn't work out for whatever reason. if anyone's interested, here's what we need:

-a singer (obviously), perferably male, but we're not picky
-no one that's too into a single genre. we're not ska, we're not punk, we're not indie, we're not glam, we're not psychobilly, we're not metal, we're experimenting with differnt sounds
-flexible timing!
-no one expecting us to be able to play like a god. we're good, but not great. we're just trying to have fun & make fun music
-you need to be able to write lyrics, that can be fun or serious
-near the wethersfield area
-between the ages of 14-18 would be nice, we're still in high school!
-own equiptment nice, but not a mandate
-someone who just wants to have fun & make music

also, if you know any good message boards we can post on, leave it!
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