jessss (ska___nk) wrote in ct_ska,

OK, so, if anyone was at the slackers/tri-state/flamingos/skaliosis show last night, tell me what happened at the end.

I left a couple songs into The Slackers because my knees hurt like whoa.

I heard they covered Super Orgy Porno Party by the Planet Smashers? is that true?
because that's my favorite song EVER. and if i missed it i'll be mad.
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I don't think they did. I was up front for the entire show and I don't recall them doing that. If they did, I must have passed out for a song and not realized it. The Slackers were so good as usual
Yeah, my friend Zach was probably trying to make me feel bad for leaving during the slackers so he told me that.

I'm going to add you because we always seem to go to the same shows.

I was wearing a gray No-name Charlies shirt..anything i may be able to remember you by?

i do know you!
i was with shawn the whole time.
remember me?
too bad you left. the show was real fun!! too bad the dairy queen closed :( i really wanted an ice cream after the show
yeah! i walked to dairy queen with shawn -- everything was dark and closed :(
dammit. i was craving an ice cream real bad after the show...actually, i wanted a popcicle, but they sold those at the dairy queen also, so its all good!
!!!!!! we could have boughten Ice Cream at wallgreens!!
dammit...we could have

i won't go to THAT walgreens again, the door...

...its evil
No, you're just an evil azn.
ummmmm...thank you?
how could you not know tom.... damn
Yeah, way to notice i DID remember.